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With the constant increase in the population number in Kurdistan region including transportation and communication facilities and the large number of factories and vertical and horizontal expansion in dwelling there is an urgent need to expand the green spaces. The importances of green areas are more in the cities than in the villages and countryside where agricultural land, because there is no value in any city without green areas. Therefore the gardens with its trees, shrubs, flowers and climbs, including children and adults playgrounds (play area), with stairs, fences, fountains and lakes they are all .represent the face and personality of any residential area.

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Started the Company
Almost four decades ago we started as a company with two man. Not much later a landscape designer joined the team and from that point we began to grow fast.
Second Location
The last years we grew very quickly, so 1997 was the year we opened a second location. The new location started with five new landscapers.
Total of 12 Awards
Until the year 2015, we are nominated several times, and won 12 awards in total for landscape design. We are very proud of this achievement.

The proposed garden mainly consists of greenery of the following main parts:

Soft Landscape (Living plants): That includes all greenery constitute of the garden which can be divided to: (Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, Grass and Aquatic Plants).
Hard Landscape (Artificial Landscape): Hard landscape has become an integral part of Flora activities. Highly qualified Landscape Architecture and Design have put Flora such as (Gate, Fence, Illumination, Bridges, Main road, Paths, Pedestrian, Bench and Bins, walls, Pergolas, Barbecues, Containers, Play area, Furniture, and etc.. )

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Are you a top producer who is looking to show your landscaping skills to us and be fairly rewarded? Are you able to manage job sites and read landscape drawings?


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With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your
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